Metis videregåendeskole



Metis is an upper secondary school (final three years), located in the centre of Bergen, Norway. The school has approximately 55 staff members, about 50 teachers and 590 students in the 16-19 age range. The school provides different college preparation courses: General Academic, Sports in combination with academic subjects, Media & Communication in combination with academic subjects and a vocational course:Trade and Service. Learn more about our school here:

Metis has experience with several Erasmus+ projects and we are proud to lead the ELMO-project.

Team Members

Anbjørg Igland

Leader of international projects and teacher of English and Norwegian

Role in the ELMO project: Besides being the coordinator of the project, I will work on the project with my English class (elective course) on the cross-curricular case studyEnvironmentalLearningThroughMobileDevices in combination with the subject of English 

Email: [email protected]

Monica Amundsen

Head of department, Natural Science and Mathematics. Teacher of chemistry and natural science.

Role in the ELMO project: Cross-curricular case studies including my chemistry students

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Ann Kristin Skeide

Head of department, Foreign Languages. Teacher of Spanish and Economics.

Role in the ELMO project: Cross-curricular case studies including my Spanish students

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William Hocking

Teacher of natural sciences

Role in the ELMO project: Using mobile tools to dig even deeper into the environmental issues. 

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Dr. Amanda Naylor

Metis Team Consultant, University of York

Role in the ELMO project: Advisor for English  literature and language

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